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The Training with Industry (TWI) Program was developed by the Army in the 1970’s in response to the shortage of Officers with advanced skills in civilian and private sector industrial practices that were not taught through military education at the time.

The goal of the program was to create a group of Soldiers who were experienced in higher level managerial techniques and could understand the relationship of their industry as it relates to the functions of specific Army branches. The selected Soldiers would then utilize their acquired skills to improve upon existing training and doctrine based on successful procedures and practices they gained during their TWI participation.

Ordnance Regimental Chief Warrant Officer, CW5 Richard Myers, visited the Caterpillar TWI site accompanied by Ordnance Personnel Development Office members, CW4 Alex Taylor, CW4 John Shappell and SFC Gary Tuccitto. The TWI program has evolved since the 1970’s to include Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted personnel. Each branch has TWI partners that tailor to a specific skill set or MOS that benefits both the Army and the industry partner.

Participation in the TWI Program is a highly coveted opportunity that is given to only the highest of qualified applicants. Each applicant must meet pre-requisites and be awarded the position after a selection committee examines personnel records and potential for assignment.

The Ordnance Corps occupies 19 of the 125 positions available throughout the Army, which is the highest number of TWI positions for any branch. An initiative within the Ordnance Corps is to gradually increase the amount of TWI positions so that each Ordnance MOS may have the opportunity to participate in the TWI Program.

Members of the Ordnance Personnel Development Office visited with Oshkosh TWI participants in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Pictured from left to right are SSG Justin Lutze (91B), SFC Gary Tuccitto, CW5 Ronald Diehl, CW3 Mark Miller(915A), and CW4 Danny Taylor.

"After years in the Army and being engaged in different parts of military logistics and repair, I was unaware of how many different resources were available to ensure I have the knowledge and tools to succeed as an Ordnance Soldier until my participation in the TWI Program with Oshkosh Defense."

– SFC Austin Satterla, 91X



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