Chief Warrant Officer 5
Arthur G. Dahl IV

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Arthur G. Dahl IVArthur Dahl was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 5 November 1966. Dahl completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training in 1984 and became a Track Vehicle Repairer. His initial assignment was with the 3rd Corps Support Command, 588th Maintenance Company. In 1986, Dahl was assigned to the 24th Infantry Division, 2nd Forward Support Battalion.

Following the Warrant Officer Basic Course, Dahl reported as an Automotive Maintenance Technician Officer to the 9th Infantry Division, 3/11 Field Artillery at Fort Lewis, Washington, and 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Assigned to the 23rd Combat Engineers, 1st Armored Division from 1994 to 1997, Dahl participated in a year-long rotation to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Camp Kime supporting the initial International Force (IFOR) deployment. During this assignment, he was recognized as the Army's leading expert on the M9 ACE (Army Combat Earthmover). In 1997, he was assigned to the 43rd Area Support Group, as the ASG Group Officer at Fort Carson, Colorado. He set new standards and records for battalion and task force level operations, as well as being commended for saving the battalion over 1.4 million dollars during his tenure.

In 2000, he was assigned to the 11th Signal Brigade as the Brigade Maintenance Technician Officer. While stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, he completed the Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course and deployed to Iraq. He is credited with maintaining the brigade's operational readiness rate at 94%.

Due to his recognized abilities, he was selected as the Senior Staff Logistics Officer/Advisor to the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Commanding General. Dahl worked with the TACOM G3 Current Operations Section to refine the mining of LOGSA maintenance data in order to develop an automated picture of both unit readiness and system/platform reliability issues. The process became capable of aggregating the readiness situation for units, areas, or equipment fleets. Next, he established communication channels into the multiple levels of deployed and supporting commands to understand the underlying causes of readiness issues. The corrective actions included; implementing training to deployed units, expediting parts delivery, and system modifications and upgrades. He was so well respected he was selected as the only military member on the Expedited Modernization Initiative Program (EMIP) at TACOM.

Dahl's final assignment was at the Ordnance Center and School where he served as the Sixth Regimental Chief Warrant Officer. He was the principal advisor to the Chief of Ordnance on all matters pertaining to Ordnance Warrant Officers. He also served as a voting member of Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army-chartered Senior Warrant Officer Advisory Council which is responsible for introducing, reviewing, and affecting Army policies and programs designed to produce Warrant Officers capable of supporting Army current and future force missions.

Following retirement in 2010, Dahl accepted a position with TACOM in Warren, Michigan.