Mrs. Carol A. Nye

Mrs. Carol A. NyeBorn 31 August 1946 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Carol Nye began her career as a Department of the Army civilian in 1966 when she joined the Academic Records Division, Office of the Secretary, the Ordnance Center and School (OC&S), Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. She would faithfully serve OC&S for the next 42 years in positions of increasing responsibility.

Starting out as a Clerk-Typist in the Academic Records Division, she posted scores to enlisted soldiers' academic records. She was soon promoted, assuming duties in 1966 as Secretary in the Ordnance Officer Candidate School, which had been established to meet the demand for Ordnance lieutenants during the Vietnam War era. In 1967 she joined the Commandant's Command Inspection Team as Secretary. This small team, headed by a lieutenant colonel, inspected all aspects of OC&S training and operations. Nye not only prepared the team's reports, but also participated in the inspections. Serving on the team until 1970, she gained valuable insights into the organization and functioning of the Ordnance Center and School.

Nye next served, from 1970 to 1975, as Secretary in the Curriculum Branch, Resident Training Management Division, Office of Training and Education. She was closely involved in the preparation of POI's, or Programs of Instruction, coordinating on almost a daily basis with Training and Doctrine Command for POI approvals. She thus gained a thorough knowledge of what soldiers at OC&S were being taught.

In 1975, with the establishment of the Training Development Directorate, Nye went to work as Secretary to the Director, Mr. William Ball, the first civilian in OC&S to attain a position at the directorate level. When Ball was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commandant in 1983, he brought Nye with him to continue to serve as his Secretary. In 1986, when the Secretary to the Assistant Commandant position opened, she was again promoted, working for a colonel who was second in command of the Ordnance Center and School.

In 1993, Nye was offered and accepted the position of Secretary to the Commanding General and Chief of Ordnance. She would faithfully support nine Chiefs of Ordnance. Her position was upgraded in 2001 to Executive Assistant, reflecting the increasingly wide range of duties and responsibilities she had assumed, to include duties as Executive Officer to the Commanding General when that position was vacant.

As Secretary and then Executive Assistant to the Commanding General, Nye skillfully managed the CG's complex schedule, involving frequent travel and numerous meetings throughout the United States and overseas. She maintained lines of communication with the active and retired Ordnance community. She provided critical expertise and continuity, mentoring the CG's personal staff. She coordinated the activities of the Command Group, to include the Chief of Staff, the Regimental Warrant Officer, and the Regimental Command Sergeant Major. Her loyalty and devotion to the Ordnance Center and Schools and to the Ordnance Corps was always in evidence, as she supported all OC&S functions and activities. Carol Nye retired in 2008 after 42 years of dedicated service to the Ordnance Center and Schools.