Brigadier General
Robert P. McFarlin

Brigadier General Robert P. McFarlinBG(R) McFarlin commanded the 705th Maintenance Battalion, part of the 5th Infantry Division (Mech). His most significant accomplishments there were in the areas of ASL mobility, improved division readiness, and leader development. At Rock Island Arsenal as Director of Material Management and Chief of Staff his most significant contributions were in the areas of improved use of the Army's money for procurement of armament items, tools and repair parts, and in developing the civilian work force to lead and take responsibility.

At the 5th Infantry Division (Mech), he commanded the DISCOM reorganizing it into the multi-functional battalion organizations. Again, leader development was a big issue.

Following the DISCOM tour he was assigned at USAOC&S as the Assistant Commandant. While at APG and under his guidance, the school revamped the curriculum of almost all the courses to include ANCOC and BNCO and both the officer Basic and Advanced Course.

Following the tour at APG he was assigned as CG, 2D COSCOM, leading that organization in Germany and in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Not only did they succeed on the battlefield, he was again very successful in leader development.

After Desert Storm he was assigned to command the 200th TAMMC at Zweibrucken, Germany. He was simultaneously responsible for maintenance of readiness, paying the bills for the European Commissary System, managing the administrative vehicle fleet and the Trans-European pipeline as well as managing a lot of the redistribution of material incident to the draw-down in Europe. Returning to CONUS he completed his career as Executive Director of the Defense Distribution system. The mission was to fold all the various service supply depots into the DLA depot system. He was honored to lead a really dedicated team of military; and civilians in this effort which, over two years, saved DOD $400M.