Lieutenant Colonel
Harry M. "Bulldog" Downer

Lieutenant Colonel Harry M. "Bulldog" DownerLTC Downer served as the Chief of the Automotive Division, Ordnance Section, Eighth United States Army Korea. As chief, he was charged with the responsibility for the supply and resupply of vehicular equipment and critical spare parts and accessories for all United Nations Forces and the logistical support of Detachment 1, 47th Light Aircraft Maintenance Company. LTC Downer ensured the most efficient and expeditious allocation of vehicles to those units where most vitally needed, and made a daily evaluation for the vehicles, critical spare parts, and major items on hand in the depots and maintenance companies. He made frequent trips, without regard to his personal safety, over guerrilla-infested roads in close liaison with forward units to ensure firsthand knowledge of the vehicular problems. During the period when, due to overwhelming enemy attack, complete battalions were overrun with a loss of much of their vehicular equipment, the foresight, initiative, and preparatory planning ability of LTC Downer ensured prompt and efficient resupply to all units.

In December 1951, LTC Downer was the chief instructor to teach the First Army Field Force Commander's Preventive Maintenance Course to general officers and senior field grade officers. Several general officers that received this course felt it was the best training available. MG MacMorland, MG Horkan, MG Holman, and BG Slaughter commended his performance. He prepared lesson plans, supervise six enlisted men who assisted in the course of instruction, and devise the floor display of ordnance equipment used as training aids.

From November 1957 to March 1958, LTC Downer served as a civilian consultant to the Commanding General, USAOTC, stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was assigned to the Senior Commander's Preventive Maintenance Course. These duties included the determining of ordnance material to be displayed and used in instruction and determining ordnance information and doctrinal material to be presented to students. LTC Downer was responsible for preparation of the program of instruction as it pertained to ordnance. He conducted research, prepared lesson plans and manuscripts, and instructed the officers and enlisted instructors in facets of this resident course of instruction presented to general and field grade officers on a college level. This instruction covered ordnance material in all major fields; ammunition, supply, wheeled and tracked vehicles, guided missiles, shop operations, artillery, small arms, and instruments.

MG Olbinger, Jr., BG Maddox, and BG Rozier felt that LTC Downer should be considered the "father" of Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirement Information (QQPRI). He developed the MOS studies for the 63-series career management field. He also had a great deal of input to all QQPRI and MOSs that effect maintenance TOEs today.

As the Doctrine Specialist, Doctrine Division, Office of Doctrine Development, Literature, and Plans, and in the Organization and Evaluation Division, Office of Deputy Commandant for Combat and Training Development, he served with outstanding results. LTC Downer was the primary action officer for the 58 MOSs for which the school had proponency. His vast experience and outstanding professional competence in the performance of all assigned duties enabled him to make highly significant contributions to mission accomplishment.

LTC Downer also performed exceptionally as a Doctrine Specialist, Organization Division, Directorate of Combat Developments, U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School. As a result of his comprehensive knowledge and recognized expertise in the field of QQPRI, he contributed invaluable and significant assistance on numerous projects of far-reaching Army-wide impact, such as the DIVAD, MLRS, M1 TANK, BFVS, and HEMTT. LTC Downer's comprehensive analysis of the adequacies and shortcomings of technical training requirements and MOS selections in support of developmental and current equipment has proven him an invaluable asset to the U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School.

LTC Downer gave more than 40 years of loyal service to the Ordnance Corps - 15 years of military service and 25 years of civilian service. Forty years of loyal service and immense personal and professional ability make "Bulldog" Downer worthy of induction into the Ordnance Hall of Fame.