Frank A. Scott

Colonel Frank A. ScottColonel Frank Scott was born in Cleveland, Ohio on March 22, 1873. He was educated in Cleveland grammar schools and received an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Western Reserve University. He formed the General Munitions Board, which turned into the War Industries Board. Under Mr. Scott's leadership, the War Industries Board exerted influence over industrial priorities, procurement, the development and control of raw materials, and the human side of war industry. Due to illness, he left active service at the end of 1917.

He was later commissioned a colonel of ordnance in the Organized Reserve Corps in 1919 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his wartime services. He also served as Chief of the Cleveland Ordnance District from 1924 to 1928, advisor to the Army Industrial College, co-founded the Army Ordnance Association in 1919 and served as the director for thirty years (1919-1949).

Frank A. Scott was an important industrial pioneer in World War I, one of the first men in the 20th century to master the elements of the critical relationship between the modern needs of Army Ordnance and the civilian manufacturing and procurement process. He rendered outstanding service to the security of the United States during both world wars and the long armistice period in between. His contributions to Ordnance, military education program and to industrial preparedness are significant to the Army and the Ordnance Corps of the 21st Century. After years of selfless service and devotion to duty and to his country, he passed away in Cleveland, Ohio on April 15, 1949.