James P. Hamill

Colonel James P. HamillCOL James Hamill was born on June 30, 1919. His contributions to the Ordnance Corps have played a major role in the United States current missile and aeronautical technology as it exists today.

COL Hamill worked as a member of the Ordnance Technical Intelligence during WWII keeping abreast of enemy weapons, reporting on captured enemy equipment and ship specimens to the United States. His significant contribution came in 1945 when his team discovered a large number of V-II rocket parts in an underground factory in Germany. COL Hamill was put in charge of the mission to gather as many of these rockets and parts and ship them to the United States for testing. By his successful capture of the V-II rocket parts from within Russian sector and handling the captured German scientists, COL Hamill placed the United States years ahead of other countries in the rocket program, which culminated with the landing on the moon.

These aspects of COL Hamill's career were keynotes in America's fast-paced rocket program. His profound loyalty, devotion to duty and respect for these scientists ensured a bright future for our country as we head into the 21st century. COL Hamill retired from active duty on April 30, 1961 and passed away in February 1984.