Chief Warrant Officer 5
Thomas G. Grice

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas G. GriceChief Warrant Officer Grice was born in Urbana, Illinois on February 3, 1945. He enlisted in the Army in 1962 as a mechanic and served in various positions from mechanic and motor sergeant in combat and combat support units all over the world to drill sergeant training new recruits.

For eleven years, he distinguished himself as an enlisted soldier by directly affecting the readiness of each unit he served with. He started a cross-training program of maintenance personnel in the 4th Battalion, 57th Artillery enabling them to complete all missions even with critical shortages in maintenance personnel. Due to this effort, he was selected to serve on the 32nd AADCOM Command Maintenance Management Inspection Team for 6 months while still maintaining his unit at peak performance. In Vietnam, while serving with 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry, his efforts and determination not to let a tenuous supply system and personnel shortage interfere with combat readiness ensured his unit's equipment stayed at 100% combat ready. He was cited for bravery when he lead a recovery operation under eminent threat of enemy fire and adverse weather conditions and succeeded.

In 1973, Mr. Grice was appointed a warrant officer and began an illustrious career as one of the most talented and highly respected technicians in our Army. He was selected to command the Army's first technical service Warrant Officer Candidate Company. He started everything from ground zero and improved the facilities, established operating procedures, developed a TAC Officer guide that was adopted by TRADOC as the standard, and a tough training program that resulted in high PT scores. Mr. Grice's vast understanding of warrant officer requirements and training lead to his assignments as the Warrant Officer Proponency in the Office Chief of Ordnance, Technical Services Branch Chief, Warrant Officer Division, PERSCOM, and finally as the Chief Warrant Officer Proponency and the first Regimental Warrant Officer of the U. S. Army Ordnance Corps.

He has been a true pioneer in shaping the future of the warrant officer corps and therefore, strengthening the Ordnance Corps of the 21st Century. After serving with integrity, honor and complete loyalty to the Army, Mr. Grice retired in 1996.