Sergeant Major
Willie E. Cameron

Sergeant Major Willie E. Cameron Sergeant Major Willie E. Cameron was born on October 1, 1931 in West Green, Alabama. He entered the U.S. Army on October 2, 1952 and completed his Armor and Advanced Infantry Training at Camp Roberts, CA. SGM Cameron served 23 years, 7 months active duty, 7 years, 1 month in the Reserve, and 13 years as a DA Civilian.

His major contribution to the Ordnance Corps is twelve years in Maintenance Management with AMCCOM as a DA Civilian providing support to the army and one year as Logistical Manager supporting Decontamination Equipment. As Senior Training NCO for the Reserve Affairs Office, USAOC&S, SGM Cameron coordinated Support Maintenance Training for the National Guard and the U. S. Army Reserve throughout the United States and its territories.

SGM Cameron implemented training for weapons, wheeled and track vehicles, supply and small generator repair. While serving as vehicle inspector with the rebuild depot in Okinawa, Japan in 1966, Specialist Five Cameron set up the first disassembly line to determine the amount of repairs needed to restore vehicles damaged in Vietnam to operational condition. He set up a rebuild production line to repair ¼-ton jeeps, ¾-ton trucks, 2½ and 5-ton trucks and return them to the supply system. He served as the NCOIC of the commodity section that consisted of 2nd and 3rd country national employees and military supply personnel.

In his thirty years of service in the Army and thirteen as a DA Civilian, SGM Cameron established a standard that is second to none and challenged others to emulate his success. In each of his assignments, he served with loyalty, dignity, and upheld the honor of the Ordnance Corps while instilling a can-do attitude and integrity in his subordinates.