Chief Warrant Officer 4
Milton N. Chandler

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Milton N. ChandlerChief Warrant Officer Four Milton N. Chandler was born in Arcadia, Louisiana on December 25, 1927. He entered the Army in 1946. During his 30-year career, he participated in three wars, and as an enlisted man, successively served as a mechanic; a platoon sergeant; a section supervisor; a technical inspector; and a motor sergeant.

His many assignments abroad included tours in the Philippines (1946-47), France (1949-52, 1958-63), Korea (1952), Japan (1952-53) Germany (1956-58, 1970-76), Belgium (1966-68), and Vietnam (1969-70). During the Korean Conflict, he was a platoon sergeant with the 707th Ordnance Battalion of the 7th Infantry Division.

During much of the fighting there, including the battle for Pork Chop Hill, his forward automotive control team provided repair forward maintenance to combat units, made repairs, brought repair parts and other supplies forward, and helped evacuate the wounded. In the mid-1950's, he briefly served with the Field Artillery in Arkansas, and in Munich, Germany, but used his technical expertise to bring his motor sergeants and commanders up-to-date on Ordnance, as well as artillery issues.

Becoming a warrant officer in 1963, he took on a series of progressively responsible assignments, including Chief of the Organizational Maintenance Shop for the 125th Transportation Command in Vietnam, and establishment of the critical host nation logistics bond needed by the Central Army Group (CENTAG) at the height of the Cold War in Europe. In his last assignment prior to retirement, he served as 7th Infantry Division Maintenance Officer at Fort Ord, California.