Chief Warrant Officer 5
Frank H. Dyer, Sr.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Frank H. Dyer Sr.Chief Warrant Officer Five Frank H. Dyer, Sr. was born in Valley View, Texas on July 20, 1933. He holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science from the State University of New York at Albany. He enlisted in the Texas National Guard in 1952 and was drafted into the active Army in 1953. He received a Warrant Officer appointment in the Air Defense Artillery in 1957. Mr. Dyer began his 38-year Ordnance career as a Nuclear Weapons Technician, a specialty he retained until his retirement in September 1995.

During his military career, he was assigned to a succession of Ordnance companies, battalions, MACOMs, and depots in the United States and in Europe. In each of these assignments he was responsible for routine weapons maintenance as well as providing technical assistance to supported units. His assignments included technical inspector for the Inspector General at Headquarters FORSCOM; Special Ammunition Maintenance Technician in the office of the DSCLOG, USAREUR, and later nuclear weapons inspector for the Inspector General at the same headquarters; nuclear weapons technician at U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; and Personnel System Staff Officer, Office Chief of Ordnance, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. As nuclear weapons technician, Headquarters Company, 59th Ordnance Brigade, Pirmasens, Germany, he was responsible for the Army's nuclear weapons in Europe and directed the planning, coordination, and fielding--with the DA Operational Safety Review--of a major weapons system, as well as the complete retirement of the NIKE Hercules system, in both cases without incident.

In his final assignment as a Nuclear Weapons Technician, U.S. Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency, Fort Belvoir Virginia, he was the only Army representative authorized to respond to the NMCC as technical expert for all nuclear weapons accidents and incidents. Upon his retirement in 1995, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his unparalleled commitment and expertise as the foremost technical authority on nuclear weapons and nuclear surety.