Chief Warrant Officer 4
Everett C. Evans Sr.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Everett C. Evans Sr.Chief Warrant Officer Four Everett C. Evans was born in Rossville, Ohio on June 3, 1937.

He was appointed as a warrant officer in 1965 and assigned as an armament technician to Company C, 703rd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division where he formed contact teams to support tank gunnery training in Grafenwohr, West Germany's largest NATO training site. In 1966, while assigned as a staff officer with the Directorate of Maintenance, Headquarters, 1st Logistical Command, Saigon, he coordinated the logistical support for all of Vietnam's armament materiel. He next served three consecutive tours as a platoon leader and the armament repair technician of a provisional maintenance detachment where he improved operations so much that it was changed from a provisional detachment to the 261st Maintenance Detachment. As the officer in charge, Delta Logistical Support Activity (Rear), he developed and implemented procedures for expediting the resupply of repair parts and reducing the rejection rate of retrograde equipment to the U.S. As an instructor/writer assigned to the Ordnance Center and School, he instructed the first Warrant Officer Entry Course and served as the primary staff officer responsible for the initial development of the Master Mechanic Program. He was instrumental in the Enlisted Personnel Management System revision of the 63-series Career Management Field.

He retired from the military in 1977 and in 1980, was hired as a training specialist at the Ordnance Center and School. He increased the diagnostics training in all courses, coordinated the acquisition of test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment for the M1 tank and the M2/3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and increased the use of STE-ICE (electronic automotive diagnostics) in all applicable courses. He retired as Assistant Director of Training and Doctrine in 1992. Mr. Evans has served as Honorary Warrant Officer of the Ordnance Corps since 1988.