Lieutenant General
Benjamin F. Register Jr.

Lieutenant General Benjamin F. Register Jr.Lt. Gen. Benjamin F. Register, Jr. was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1930. He commanded Ordnance soldiers at every level during the major part of his career.

In 1981, he chaired the Retail (Combat Service Support) Team in a study of Army Logistics. Within a six-month period, his team produced a 27-volume study, which contained 289 recommendations for organizational, doctrinal, and opera­tional improvements across the spectrum of Army logistical support.

In 1982, he was directed to combine the functions of life-cycle management of armament, munitions, and chemical materiel into a single consolidated command. In a short time, he accomplished this monumental task, bringing some 22,000 military and civilian personnel and 47 separate centers, arsenals, ammunition plants, and activities together.

In 1985, General Register enunciated a ten-part plan for Ordnance Officer development, since known as "Ben's Ten," which has since become the basis for the Officer Advanced Course plan of instruction. General Register retired in 1987.