Mr. Victor Lindner

Mr. Victor LindnerMr. Victor Lindner was born in New York City in 1916. He is internationally known as a free world authority in the research and development of armaments.

He has dedicated his professional career to conceptualizing weapons systems munitions and in coordinating present-day technology to develop and field these systems. Through his leadership and organizational and technical abilities, he was personally responsible for contributions of national importance in developing an entire new array of nonnuclear munitions systems.

These systems have included nine high performance antitank munitions, six new extended range mortar projectiles, the 40mm grenade launcher, six artillery projectiles with twice the range and as much as a ten-fold increase in lethality over those previously available, twelve unique warheads for rockets, twelve new mines with a three-fold perfor­mance increase, and at least four weapons for tactical fixed and rotary wing aircraft. These weapons constitute a large proportion of our present stockpile.