Mr. Henry B. Jones

Mr. Henry B. JonesMr. Henry B. Jones was born in Murray, Kentucky in 1921. He was instrumental in the procurement of Patton-style tanks (M46, M47, and M48) for the Korean Conflict, and is credited with much of the planning which converted the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant from a government owned and operated facility to one which was government-owned and contractor-operated.

Mr. Jones oversaw contract actions with a value approaching one billion dollars during the Korean Conflict. He was instrumental in incorporating tens of thousands of armored vehicles into the U.S. Army and allied inventories, including the M60-series main battle tank and the M113 armored personnel carrier family of vehicles.

It was largely through his efforts that M60 tank production was transferred in 1959 from the Lenape Tank Plant in Maryland to the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant. In recent years, he has been the Army's senior procurement official responsible for a second generation of trucks, armored personnel carriers, fighting vehicles, and tanks.

He has been the chief architect of the highly economical, sophisticated multiyear contractual arrangements for weapons which have saved billions of dollars for the taxpayer. He has also been responsible for numerous management systems improvements, such as automation, in the Tank Automotive Command's procurement procedures.

Mr. Jones, in short, has been the prime catalyst in spearheading the modernization of Army ground vehicle procurement in the 1980s.