Staff Sergeant
William C. Featherstone

Staff Sergeant William C. FeatherstoneStaff Sergeant William C. Featherstone was born in Michigan in 1918 and entered the Army in the fall of 1940.

He underwent training at Camps Beauregard and Livingston, Louisiana and at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. During the period 1942 through 1944, he was assigned to the 732d Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, part of the 32d Infantry Division.

He participated in the Buna, Saidor, and Aitape campaigns in New Guinea. During these operations, the 732d experienced a loss of over one-fifth of its strength due to casualties, not including men disabled because of accidents or disease. This fact obliged the remaining personnel to work seven days a week to meet the requirements of the 32d Infantry Division. As a Technician, Grade 3, he was recognized as one of the leading enlisted men in the unit as it strove to accomplish its mission.

During the Buna Campaign (November 16, 1942 through January 3, 1943), he volunteered for a mission to recover abandoned American weapons under intense enemy fire. These weapons were required to enable American troops to continue fighting and could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. Following his successful completion of this action, Staff Sergeant Featherstone was awarded the Silver Star.