Leo A. Codd

Colonel Leo A. CoddColonel Leo A. Codd was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1895 and graduated from Loyola Unversity in 1916. He later completed graduate studies at Georgetown University, receiving a Master of Law degree in 1923.

Following a year as an instructor in chemistry at Georgetown, he was a civilian explosives chemist with the Ordnance Department for six years.

In 1924, he was appointed Associate Editor of the Army Ordnance Association. For five years during the late 1920's, he was on active duty in the Manufacturing Service of the Ammunition Division, Office Chief of Ordnance. From 1929 until his retirement in 1963, he served the Ordnance Association in a variety of capacities as editor, author of numerous articles on mobilization and defense issues, executive secretary, and executive vice-president.

In 1937, his book American Industry and National Defense was published.

During World War II, he was recalled to active duty as executive assistant to the Chief of Ordnance. Colonel Codd is recognized for his dedication to the cause of industrial preparedness before and after World War II, his long service to the Army Ordnance Association, and his public relations service to the Ordnance Corps during World War II. Colonel Codd died in 1971.