Major General
William E. Eicher

Major General William E. EicherMajor General William E. Eicher was born in Clairton, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1926 and graduated from Washington State University.

As commander of the Armament Materiel Readiness Command (ARRCOM) when the concept of a single manager for conventional ammunition was implemented, he was responsible for managing the transfer of all ammunition procurement to his command. Not only did his program satisfy all customer requirements and stabilize the ammunition production base, but it also resulted in a cost avoidance of over 400 million dollars. With his leadership, the ARRCOM product improvement program grew from 200 million dollars to 2 billion dollars, while he was personally involved with improvements on the M578, M109A2 and Vulcan Air Defense Systems.

General Eicher's other contributions include the establishment of the Conventional Ammunition Working Capital Fund, which resulted in significant savings. He was also instrumental in establishing the Armament Industrial Readiness Management System, a master data base for industrial readiness management and studies.