Major General
Duard D. Ball

Major General Duard D. BallMajor General Duard D. Ball was born in McAlester, Oklahoma on October 11, 1930 and graduated from Oklahoma A&M University in 1953.

During his career, he held many key positions, including Deputy Commander for the Tank-Automotive Research and Development Command (TARADCOM). TARADCOM was the lead laboratory for diverse programs involving tactical and combat vehicles. His endeavors at TARADCOM produced significant results. For instance, the M901 Improved TOW Vehicle and the M871, 22-1/2 ton semitrailer progressed to production under his leadership.

He was promoted to brigadier general and assumed command of the Ordnance Center and School in 1977, where he met the challenge of incorporating the Chemical Corps into the Ordnance Corps.

In 1979, he was promoted to major general and became the commanding general of White Sands Missile Range. He had a key part in planning procedures to secure tracking stations and targeting areas for future space flight. A year later, he became program manager for the Abrams Tank System. His main concern was increasing the engine's production rate and reliability. He was the commanding general of the Tank-Automotive Command from 1983 until his retirement in 1984. General Ball died of leukemia on April 6, 1986.