Mr. Joseph C. Zengerle Jr.

Mr. Joseph C Zengerle Jr.Mr. Joseph C. Zengerle, Jr., started his Federal career at Aberdeen Proving Ground, where he was directly responsible for the development and operation of the production control system and the development of a cost system for the ordnance research and development budget, which was in excess of $75 million.

Mr. Zengerle was chosen by the Chief of Ordnance to organize and staff the first Human Engineering Laboratory. Through his outstanding managerial capabilities, he was able to mold a staff of professionals and lay the groundwork for the more complex and currently designated U.S. Army Human Engineering Laboratory.

His next major contribution earned him the title of “Father” of the Supply Intern Program. Mr. Zengerle began the process of developing the intern program as part of his “Operation Management--Phase Two,” which is still in existence today.

During his final years, he took part in the reorganiza­tion of the Tank-Automotive Command, reorganization of the Ammunition Supply System in Vietnam, and Ordnance assignments to Vietnam.

During Mr. Zengerle's entire association with the Ordnance Corps, he performed in an outstanding manner. He consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, high professional competence, and extensive knowledge of the Army's organiza­tional structures and its logistics systems worldwide. He assisted in the resolution of many complex and difficult problems by providing clear thinking, expert counsel and judgment, and supervision of many vital programs. Mr. Zengerle established and maintained a clear rapport with key members of the Army Staff, with his counterparts in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and with logisticians in key positions worldwide. Mr. Zengerle's contributions clearly substantiate his induction into the Ordnance Hall of Fame.