Mr. Chester V. Parker

Mr. Chester V. ParkerMr. Chester V. Parker personally developed, staffed, and directed the operation of the initial ammunition function testing program while assigned to the Ballistic Research Laboratories at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The initial test program has been expanded and now includes the most advanced weapons in the Army's arsenal.

Mr. Parker's distinguished service includes the full range of ammunition logistics during World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Southeast Asia emergency. He is considered a "Legend" in his association with the management and staff supervision of the Ammunition Inspector (Surveillance) Program, currently identified as the Quality Assurance Specialist Program, and the Ammunition School, currently an element of the DARCOM Ammunition Center, Savanna, Illinois.

In 1962, Mr. Parker organized the US Army Supply and Maintenance Command Headquarters element for staff supervision of the entire Army Ammunition Maintenance and Demilitarization Program at 14 Army depots. This effort encompassed all major categories of ammunition, including conventional, nuclear, chemical-biological-radiological, and other special selected items of ammunition. Following the Declaration of National Policy in Southeast Asia, Mr. Parker immediately put planning machinery in motion to readjust and orient the Army depot ammunition maintenance productive capacity to absorb the urgent demand for ammunition.

Mr. Parker is particularly adept in solving problems without precedent. The many significant accomplishments and contributions he has made during his long and eminent service, and specifically during the Southeast Asia emergency, are symbolic manifestations of his rare ability and dynamic drive to conceive and direct a program or project to completion.