Lieutenant General
Oren E. Hurlbut

Lieutenant General Oren E. HurlbutLieutenant General Oren E. Hurlbut distinguished himself while assigned as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Headquarters, USCONARC. General Hurlbut made major contributions in the coordination and execution of the plans for employment of the U.S. Army Atlantic Forces in the Cuban crisis in making marked improvements in logistics operations through more efficient use of automatic data processing equipment and in the development of many programs which resulted in substantial savings to the U.S. Government.

As Assistant Chief of Staff, G4, Headquarters, U.S. Army, Pacific, he identified a number of areas where changes offered improved support of U.S. Army Forces deployed in the Pacific as well as more timely response to the force requirements in active operations in Southeast Asia. He effected far-reaching changes to the logistical support system, which greatly enhanced the effectiveness of our fighting forces.

His brilliant planning and direction effected the installation of computers and the standard supply system in Vietnam, the establishment of teams of highly qualified technicians, and other major innovations which were incorporatĀ­ed in an efficient and orderly manner while maintaining the operation of the huge U.S. Army, Pacific, logistical system. As a member of the Joint Logistics Review Board, General Hurlbut contributed to a broad and exhaustive board evaluation of the worldwide logistics support to combat forces during the Vietnam era.

Additionally, he reviewed, in depth, the comprehensive area of transporting the vast resources of the implements of war and personal necessities to Armed Forces overseas to determine the impact on the readiness posture of these forces. General Hurlbut's long experience in logistics, extensive knowledge of supply systems of Military Services, foreign and domestic, and deft managerial skill materially enhanced the combat readiness of the U.S. Armed Forces.