Lieutenant Colonel
Onofrio P. Bruno

Lieutenant Colonel Onofrio P. BrunoLieutenant Colonel Onofrio P. Bruno was born on September 5, 1917. He entered active duty as an officer in 1940 and served during World War II until 1946. He was in the Army Reserves for 28 years attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

He developed and directed a program for the surveillance of the Army's worldwide ammunition stockpile for over three decades while assigned to the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory. At the U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA), he was responsible for directing and participating in many critical systems-analysis and operations-research studies that have significantly influenced many major ordnance systems.

He developed a detailed plan for the accomplishment of an expanded mission of increased responsibilities for the testing, design, and evaluation of materiel under development for other Department of Defense agencies. Drawing upon his years of experience, he assisted in the development of balanced teams to address this new mission for more than 60 major Army systems. By timely exposure of technical problems, sufficient management emphasis was obtained to ensure that corrections to problems found were incorporated into the system early in the development cycle.

As a result, it has been possible to realize major savings in test costs and to reduce development time by eliminating unnecessary testing. He also served prominently in NATO activities by establishing many nationally and internationally accepted procedures for determining the reliability and accuracy of weapons fire. Colonel Bruno died on January 3, 1977.