Mr. Frank J. Jervey

Mr. Frank J. JerveyMr. Frank J. Jervey was born in Sommerville, South Carolina on November 27, 1893 and graduated from Clemson University in 1914. In World War I, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism while serving as a captain in the Army. He was completely and unselfishly devoted to duty and universally respected for his integrity, knowledge, and technical ability. His judgement was trusted implicitly by industry and government officials.

During World War II, the production of ammunition was at such a monumental rate that it required the full effort of thirteen Government-owned and operated ammunition plants. His work was invaluable in securing industry cooperation, supplying technical know-how, and successfully attaining the production objectives. His technical advice was instrumental in developing substitute materials for copper, such as the clad metal bullet jacket and steel cartridge cases.

During the Korean Conflict, he was deeply involved in establishing small arms ammunition centers, reactivating ordnance ammunition plants, and establishing new ammunition plants. His contributions permeated all phases of the small arms ammunition effort. Perhaps more valuable than any specific accomplishment was the constant encouragement and advice he gave to all ordnance personnel, both in government and industry.

Even after his retirement in 1953, he continued to be active with several ordnance organizations, acting as a consultant. He truly served the Ordnance Corps in a long and illustrious career. Mr. Jervey died on May 6, 1983.