Mr. John C. Garand

Mr. John C. GarandMr. John C. Garand was born in St. Remi, Quebec on January 1, 1888.

His invention of a semiautomatic shoulder rifle was the first to be adopted as the standard infantry weapon by a major world power.

The rifle identified as: U.S. Rifle, Semiautomatic, Caliber .30, M1, better known as the “M1 Rifle” or “The Garand” was standardized and adopted by the U.S. Army on January 9, 1936.

Due to his initiative and instinctive inventive genius, the U.S. soldier possessed a firepower advantage during World War II. His remarkable mechanical skill and singular determination resulted in the design of numerous tools, jigs, and gauges necessary for the production of the “Garand Rifle.”

A remarkable engineering genius in the field of ordnance, his invaluable contributions served an important role in the history of World War II. Mr. Garand died in 1974.