Major General
Julian S. Hatcher

Major General Julian S. HatcherMajor General Julian S. Hatcher was born in Virginia on June 26, 1888. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with honors in 1909 and served in the Navy for 14 months, after which he transferred to the U. S. Army Coast Artillery Corps.

In 1913, he was detailed to the Ordnance Department, thus beginning his remarkable Army career in the field of ordnance, specifically dealing with firearms and soldier training.

His many comprehensive books and informative publications on firearms were widely used by both military and civilian agencies, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was the first Commanding General of the Ordnance Training Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground – from January 1, 1940 to June 1, 1942 – and was Chief of the Military Training Division, Office of the Chief of Ordnance, from June 2, 1942 to February 1, 1943. From February 2, 1943 to July 31, 1945, General Hatcher was Chief of Field Service, Ordnance Department, the most critical years of World War II.

General Hatcher died on 4 December 1963.