Brigadier General
Urban Niblo

Brigadier General Urban NibloBrigadier General Urban Niblo was born on November 20, 1897 and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1919.

General Niblo, a former Chief Ordnance Officer, United Nations Command, during 1950-51, was inventive, vigorous, and resourceful. He had very definite opinions concerning the organization of ordnance service.

During World War II, based upon his experience in the field, he overhauled the ordnance supply service to eliminate shortages and devised a flexible ordnance service concept called Uninterrupted Ordnance Service. General Niblo reorganized the ordnance structure in the field and established The Ordnance Group to administer and command the system. This operational concept worked so well during World War II, that afterward it was incorporated as the standard organization of ordnance service in the field Army. Its great advantage was the flexibility offered to meet the ever-changing demands of battle commanders.

General Niblo retired from service on September 30, 1955 and died on August 11, 1957 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.