Kenneth B. Harmon

Colonel Kenneth B. HarmonColonel Kenneth B. Harmon was born on May 13, 1886 and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1910.

He was in command of a large ordnance depot at the time the United States entered World War I. Due to his experience in supplying and maintaining ordnance materiel to troops in the field, he was selected by the Ordnance Officer of the American Expeditionary Forces to organize and take to France the first unit of ordnance maintenance personnel sent overseas.

He worked with solving problems inherent in the establishment and operation of the supply and maintenance system utilized by the American Expeditionary Forces. He established a depot system, which consisted of a base ordnance depot, an intermediate depot, and later an advance depot.

For his outstanding accomplishments, General Pershing awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal. Colonel Harmon retired from service in 1946 and died on June 19, 1967.