73rd Ordnance Battalion


On behalf of the 73d Ordnance Battalion, we extend you a warm welcome, this is where we safely and efficiently train technically proficient Soldiers in the 89/E (EOD) and 94 Series (Patriot Missile, Avionics and Radio / COMSEC repair) Military Occupational Specialties, ensuring they are highly motivated, disciplined, and physically-fit, capable upon graduation to make an immediate and positive contribution to the operational Army; provide mission command, administrative, training and logistical support to permanent party personnel and their families.

73rd Welcome Packet (CAC protected)


73rd Cobra Soldiers with cobra on top of 73rd InsigniaHere at the 73rd, we take training seriously. In addition to learning the technical skills that give a Soldier his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) title, the Cobra Soldier also learns tactical skills. MOS-I, and MOS-T Soldier's will have the opportunity to train in several combat related tasks. This training includes (but is not limited to), Hand-to-Hand Combatives, Building Clearing, Night Operations, Weapons Emersion, and much, much more. This training is one of the final stages in the Soldier's transformation into an Army Combat Warrior.


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