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59th Ordnance Brigade


To train, develop, and educate selected citizens into professional and lethal Soldiers, with skills that directly maintain and build Army Combat Power, essential in winning our nation’s wars.


  • Leader Development and Training that enables our mission and reintegration of our leaders back into the operating force.
  • Improve Army Readiness by linking the outcomes of our efforts to the operating force.
  • Operationalize how we function IOT eliminate stove pipes and redundancy and enable mission command.
  • Develop and take care of our Soldiers, Civilians and our Families.
  • Complete the Soldierization Process that instills the warrior ethos and performance triad into every initial entry student entering the Army and the Ordnance Corps.
  • Conduct Community Outreach and Engagement to remind everyone of why we need a professional all volunteer Army and assist our communities in development of future Soldiers and community leaders.

59th Ordnance Brigade

The 59th Brigade consists of a HQ, S-staff, Chaplain, HHC, and four battalions: 16th Ordnance Battalion, 832nd Ordnance Battalion located at Fort Lee, VA., 73rd Ordnance Battalion located at Fort Gordon, GA., and the EOD Training Battalion located at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. The Brigade also consists of two Ordnance Training Detachments located at Fort Sill, OK., and Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Provide the Army with Soldiers who are world-class maintainers, ammunition supply specialists, and EOD technicians who are prepared to perform and survive during tactical engagements in an asymmetric battlefield. Develop relevant and responsive training to counter ever-evolving enemy strategies and tactics. This will be accomplished by focusing on the following:

  • Soldier and Civilian Safety
  • Initial Military Training
  • Professional Military Training
  • Civilian Education
  • Reserve Component Training
  • Functional Training


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